Canyon Optimist Soccer Club has partnered with the St. Luke’s Sports Medicine Concussion Clinic to create a concussion protocol for our club.  The most important aspect of the new protocol is the preseason education/consent form.  This form has concussion education that is required by state law and the consent form that parents need to sign.  We have provided this form in English and Spanish.

Parents, please print off one of the forms below, read it, sign it, 

and return the form immediately to your coach.  

Concussion Acknowledgement Form-English

Concussion Acknowledgement Form-Spanish

Click here to watch a 20 minute

St. Lukes Concussion Education and Training Video

The second form is also of great importance.  Each coach will be given a medical release form.  If at any time the coach suspects that one of our soccer players has sustained a concussion, they will remove the athlete from play immediately.  After the practice or the game they will hand the parent/guardian the medical release form and inform them that the player will not be allowed to participate in practice or a game until the medical release form has been signed by a Doctor who is trained and comfortable in managing concussions.  If a concussion is suspected, please notify the COSC Administration ( so the club is aware and the protocol can be applied properly.  Remember, When in doubt, sit’em out


If you suspect that you have sustained a concussion, or to schedule free concussion education for your team, please contact the St. Luke’s Sports Medicine Concussion Clinic at 208-381-2665.  Additional concussion information can also be located on their website at