Recreation Crossfire Teams

U6, U8 and U10

Games will be played in September and October.

Fall game schedule will be posted late August or early September.

Idaho State League-Recreation Division


For U11-U15

Fall 2018 season games will be played in September and October.

Game Schedule will be posted late in August.

U12 Boys Crossfire Black--Coach Will Gigray

U12 Boys Crossfire Gold--Coach Greg Fullerton

U12 Boys Crossfire Red--Coach Scott Hyer

U12 Boys Crossfire Silver--Coach Jesus Segura

U12 Boys Crossfire White--Coach Fred Mora

U15 Boys Crossfire Red--Coach Chris Medina

U15 Boys Crossfire Silver--Coach Jacob Hernandez

U12 Girls Crossfire Black--Coach Ryan Stone

U12 Girls Crossfire Red--Coach Mike Vasquez

U12 Girls Crossfire Silver--Coach Keegan Gibson

U15 Girls Crossfire Gold--Coach Adam Villegas

U15 Girls Crossfire Red--Coach Brandon Jenkins

Idaho State League-Southern Division

Competitive--INFERNO TEAMS

Fall games will begin August 25th.

Just click on your team and coach below to pull up your schedule.