Recreation Crossfire Teams

U6, U8 and U10

Games are played April 7th - May 19th

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Idaho State League-Recreation Division


For U11-U16

Spring 2018 season games will be played in April and May.

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U12 Boys Crossfire Black--Coach Andrea Johnson

U12 Boys Crossfire Gold--Coach Julie Tidwell

U12 Boys Crossfire Red--Coach Chris Medina

U12 Boys Crossfire Silver--Coach Jacob Hernandez

U12 Boys Crossfire White--Coach Lauren Smith

U14 Boys Crossfire Black--Coach Tino Villa

U14 Boys Crossfire Red--Coach Chris Shoemaker

U12 Girls Crossfire Black--Coach Adam Fullmer

U12 Girls Crossfire Red--Coach Brandon Jenkins

U12 Girls Crossfire Silver--Coach Parker Curtis

U14 Girls Crossfire Gold--Coach Adam Villegas

U14 Girls Crossfire Silver--Coach Brandon Jenkins

U16 Girls Crossfire White--Coach Fred Mora

Idaho State League-Southern Division

Competitive--INFERNO TEAMS

Spring Games will be begin March 3, 2018

Directors Cup Tournament is May 18-20th

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U10 Boys Inferno Silver--Coach Jose Escutia

U10 Boys Inferno White--Coach Jose Madrigal

U11 Boys Inferno Black--Coach Matt Smith

U11 Boys Inferno Red--Coach Javier Morfin

U12 Boys Inferno--Coach Kevin Hyer

U13 Boys Inferno--Coach Eric Nye

U14 Boys Inferno--Coach Ryan Porter

U15 Boys Inferno--Coach Seth Vanderpool

U16 Boys Inferno--Coach Jeremy Case

U17 Boys Inferno--Coach Rhys Yeakley

U10 Girls Inferno--Coach Alex Serrano

U11 Girls Inferno--Coach Sean Upson

U12 Girls Inferno--Coach Denise Foster

U13 Girls Inferno--Coach Frank Sanchez

U14 Girls Inferno--Coach Ineke Severa

U15 Girls Inferno--Coach James Murphy

U16 Girls Inferno--Coach Armando Soto