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We are currently looking to hire a Director of Coaching.
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Director of Coaching-Crossfire and Inferno

Canyon Optimist Soccer Club (COSC) in Caldwell, Idaho, is currently looking to hire a Director of Coaching (DOC). The DOC will be responsible for: 1. developing and implementing a club-wide educational program; 2. ensuring the program is maintained at a high standard that is consistent with the club’s player, team, and coach development philosophy; 3. recruiting, training, developing and maintaining a strong coaching base throughout the year.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Ability to work and interact with youth and adults in a positive manner
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent verbal, written, and conflict resolution skills
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Maintaining a calm demeanor while working under pressure
  • Enthusiastic and a desire to motivate youth, coaches and families
  • Must be able to pass a background check
  • Culturally competent with the ability to work with diverse backgrounds
  • Experience suitable to work towards and fulfill requirements of the position


Knowledge, skills and abilities:


  • Work and collaborate with colleagues, Idaho Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) and community partners
  • Interacting diplomatically and effectively with COSC board of directors, parents, coaches, team managers, players and others in the community
  • Developing, administering and evaluating coach and player training and development
  • Carrying out clearly defined procedures and job assignments
  • Knowledge & experience of IT applications (Email, Internet and Office applications)


Duties and responsibilities:

  • Directing and overseeing coaching development for COSC programs
  • Work towards a D and C coaching license
  • Recruiting, training, evaluating and retaining coaches for competitive and recreational soccer programs
  • Develop and implement age-specific coaching curriculum
  • Conduct and oversee competitive team tryouts
  • Train and monitor the team coaches and help them plan and implement practice sessions
  • Design and administer a continuing education program for the team coaches
  • Conduct age specific coaches clinics
  • Design coaching manuals for the team coaches
  • Bring in experts such as state, regional, and national staff coaches, to present clinics
  • Act as the technical liaison between the club and IYSA
  • Create and maintain suitable library of books, videos and articles for all the team coaches to access
  • Create long and short-term seasonal plans for the club and provide guidance to team coaches in designing their own team’s seasonal plans
  • Attending and submitting reports at COSC board and subcommittee meetings
  • Responding to COSC program inquiries
  • Provide player, coaching and/or parent conflict resolutions as needed
  • Represent COSC at various meetings and events as requested
  • Assist with organization and presentation of soccer camps and tournaments
  • Perform other duties as assigned by COSC board of directors
  • Develop a communication strategy between teams to include - coaches, players, team managers and parents
  • Manage parent and team workshops and communication meetings at scheduled times throughout the season
  • Promote the club within the community and help with public relations
  • Participate in decision making on player placement, players playing up, and movement within teams from the club
If interested please send resume to the COSC Executive Board: info@canyonoptimistsoccer.com

Compensation to be discussed at interview.

Resumes will continue to be taken until May 15th, 2015, or position is filled.

COSC Mission Statement


Canyon Optimist Soccer Club is established to provide the area’s youth the opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport of soccer. Our recreational and competitive programs emphasize the health and welfare of our youth. We promote the development of soccer skills, understanding of the game, and the enjoyment that comes from playing the world’s most popular sport-soccer.